Our Monthly Programs
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Taking Place at the beautiful Coastal Roots Farm in Encinitas.


Rosh Hashanah Farmer’s Market - Elul/September

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Start the year out fresh with an organic, hands-on experience bringing the local

goodness of the High Holidays to life. Activities include a New Year’s card-craft and

a bushel of healthful, culinary adventures, where you will learn new recipes and

techniques while understanding their unique connection to Rosh Hashanah. These

include artisanal challah baking, apple mocktails, carrot cake pops, and making your

own pomegranate honey salad dressing. Everyone receives a custom tote bag to

collect your marketplace finds!

Sukkot Art Fest - Tishrei/October

Developed in partnership with the Pop-Art Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchok Moully, this

event uses street art as a lens for creating understanding and unity. Learn about

how each of us is part of one big beautiful whole, while working together on a mural

for our community sukkah. Afterwards, race to complete all the Sukkot Mitzvot in

our first ever color hop, experimenting with foam paint, graffiti, and other art forms

along the way!

Exploring Silence - Cheshvan/November

Full details coming soon: This club will be focused on a daily “Moment of Silence”

for children  to contemplate their place in the world and how to make the world a better place for everyone. Each child will create his/her own “My Moment” book, a guide

to Jewish prayer and meditation. They will also explore the meaning behind this

movement in a hands-on, fun, and interactive way.

Chanukah Candle Workshop - Kislev/December

Bring your own special light to your menorah this Chanukah season! Experiment

with fun, custom-made molds to make candles of all shapes, sizes, patterns, and

colors. Turns out there’s a lot we can learn from candles! While they cool, take

chocolate gelt to the next level―literally―and build your own one-of-a-kind Gelt


T’u Bishvat Health Bar Factory - Shvat/February

Find out what nature, fruits, and the environment can teach us about living well.

Experience fruit like never before in a great game of “taste buds” with fun

challenges using tasty fruits. Then, unleash your inner cook, while experimenting

with all types of fruit and other yummies to create your own delicious health bar at

our Bar Factory.

Purim Outta the Box! - Adar/March

Get into teams to break into a mystery box holding all sorts of surprise treasures.

Work together to follow a sequence of clues and challenges to crack the code. Use

what you find inside to create a very special Purim gift for one of your friends and

complete the Purim Mitzvot!

Mah Nishtana Magic - Nissan/April

Forget abracadabra and open sesame. This Pesach, discover a whole new kind of

supernatural powers behind those “Four Questions.” Get some answers and practice

some serious sleight of hand to master four magic tricks. At the end, you’ll take home a

mah nishtana magic box with all the instructions, explanations, and materials you need

to let your inner magician shine.

CKids Parade-A-Thon - Iyar/May

Ride with Jewish pride! Join with friends to fundraise for charity and bedazzle your

bikes, helmets, rollerblades, or skateboards for a one-of-a-kind, musical Parade-AThon

celebrating Jewish pride. Party and treats to follow!